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The Mystery of the Lost Chord S1, Ep0 Unknown The Mystery of the Lost Chord In this pilot episode, Danger Mouse and Penfold are dispatched to Loch Ness to investigate the theft of bagpipes and increased activity of the Loch Ness Monster. They uncover a plot by Baron Greenteeth (known in later episodes as Baron Greenback) to find

1981 Rogue Robots S1, Ep1 Sep. 28, 1981 Rogue Robots Baron Silas Greenback unleashes robots of destruction of increasing size against Dangermouse, the greatest guardian of peace and justice in the civilized world. First, a duo of Sniver Snappers are delivered to DM's secret hideout. Next, Penfold is almost stomped by a pair of electronic boots. Finaly, Dangermouse comes face to faceplate with Big Tom, The Mouse Masher.

Who Stole the Bagpipes? S1, Ep2 Sep. 30, 1981 Who Stole the Bagpipes? Baron Greenback plans to take over the world by combining the sound of 10.000 stolen bagpipes he has hold up in Castle McStrangle. Luckily, Dangermouse has a good set of lungs up his chest. That is, of course, as long as he and Penfold survive the attack of a mechanical Loch Ness Monster.

The Trouble with Ghosts S1, Ep3 Oct. 5, 1981 The Trouble with Ghosts Baron Silas Greenback takes Colonel K hostage. Greenback makes the Colonel contact DangerMouse by videophone. As part of Greenback's elaborate ruse, Colonel K tells DangerMouse that Greenback is in jail, and that DangerMouse and Penfold should go on holiday. The Colonel sends DangerMouse and Penfold to a castle in Transylvania. At the castle (owned by Greenback), the villain attempts to terrify the visitors using remote-control robots dressed as ghosts, mummies, et cetera.

Chicken Run S1, Ep4 Oct. 7, 1981 Chicken Run Baron Greenback has stolen Heinrich Von Squakenkluck's secret serum to create giant super duper chickens and has let one loose in the heart of London. Dangermouse and Penfold have to stop the Baron with a little help from Flying Officer Buggles Pigeon.

The Martian Misfit S1, Ep5 Oct. 12, 1981 The Martian Misfit The greatest evil genius the world has ever known, Baron Silas Greenback, plans to 'borrow, the hardest diamond in the world, “the Eye of Hercules”. For with it attached it to his atomic powered mega drill, he can tunnel right into the bank of England. To make sure Dangermouse won't stop him, he has already dispatched his latest invention, the 'Martian Mouse exterminator' to get rid of DM.

The Dream Machine S1, Ep6 Oct. 14, 1981 The Dream Machine Baron Silas Greenback has created a dream machine. The device resembles a colorful cloud. The dream machine descends upon DangerMouse and Penfold. They see no possible escape. Within the dream machine, whatever Penfold says is created. Terrified for a few minutes, DangerMouse and Penfold find a way to create just what they need to confront and defeat the villainous Greenback.

Lord of the Bungle S1, Ep7 Oct. 19, 1981 Lord of the Bungle 20.000 elephants have been turned into sugar-cubes by evil mastermind toad Silas Greenback. They only revert back to their normal size when dropped into a cup of tea. Dangermouse and Penfold travel to Africa, where an encounter with all the wild animals causes Penfold to revert into some bumbling kind of lord of the jungle.

Die Laughing S1, Ep8 Oct. 21, 1981 Die Laughing The world's top men are laughing themselves unconscious thanks to Baron GB's microscopic Gigelacockos germs that are spreading via telephone lines. Dangermouse, the white wonder and his trusty assistant Penfold race to save the British PM before the Baron and his crow henchmen can fire his Gigelacockos cannon all over London.

The World of Machines S1, Ep9 Oct. 26, 1981 The World of Machines Arch villain Silas Greenback has perfected his intergalactic traveling machine. Using Penfold as bait, the worlds most evil toad lures Dangermouse into his trap and boldly blasts him deep into time and space, towards a planet ruled by talking machines.

Ice Station Camel S1, Ep10 Oct. 28, 1981 Ice Station Camel The rotation of the world is slowing down. So, DM immediately heads for the North Pole, where Baron Greenback is attempting to hold the world to ransom by stopping the world with a anti gravity rotation retarder of some sort.

A Plague of Pyramids S1, Ep11 Dec. 14, 1981 A Plague of Pyramids Pyramids have been popping up all over London. It will take only twenty more to sink the whole country. So, Dangermouse and Penfold set forth for Africa, specifically the Saharah desert. After all, the sand the pyramids are made off must have come from somewhere.

1982 Custard S2, Ep1 Jan. 4, 1982 Custard The world is swimming in custard after Greenback booby traps every tin of it to explode. Danger Mouse decides to seek out the only being in the universe that can help: the Custard Mite of Glut.

Close Encounters of the Absurd Kind S2, Ep2 Jan. 11, 1982 Close Encounters of the Absurd Kind Penfold is practicing Kung-Moggie when he and, more importantly, Danger Mouse are send to Eaves Drop Island (near the Bermuda Triangle) to safeguard the Big Ear tracking station from Baron Greenback. Once there, they are abducted by aliens and probed by Dr. Zock. However, DM refuses to believe Zock is nothing more than Greenback wearing a silly purple mask.

The Duel S2, Ep3 Jan. 18, 1982 The Duel Danger Mouse is challenged to five tests of strengths of wit by Baron Greenback. If DM wins, Greenback promises to abandon his life of crime. If the Baron wins, the white wonder has to give up crime fighting.

The Day of the Suds S2, Ep4 Jan. 25, 1982 The Day of the Suds All over London, washing machines are breaking out of homes, laundrettes, warehouse and washing machine factories thanks to toad voice responder units build into them by the evil Baron Silas Greenback, who orders them to destroy Danger Mouse. DM counters by using a giant magnet against the machine, but does not count on the soap fuel's evolution into a hideous mutated sud monster.

The Bad Luck Eye of the Little Yellow God S2, Ep5 Feb. 1, 1982 The Bad Luck Eye of the Little Yellow God Baron Silas Greenback has stolen the Bad Luck Eye of the Little Yellow God from a remote mountain tribe in Brasil and uses it to harness a laser with which to zap innocent bystanders into having bad luck. Dangermouse and Penfold are unlucky enough to recover the jewel, but have great misfortune trying to return it from whence it came.

The Four Tasks of Danger Mouse S2, Ep6 Feb. 8, 1982 The Four Tasks of Danger Mouse Penfold has been kidnapped by Baron Greenback, who forces Dangermouse to gather together four ingredients of an ancient spell for creating an invincible monster. They are: four hairs from a Yeti, a twig from a Witches Broom, a piece of the dreaded Fog Monster of old London town and two feathers from a vampire duck. In the middle of all this, another mission comes up, this one to buy a washing machine on sale for the PM's missus.

The Invasion of Colonel K S3, Ep1 Oct. 4, 1982 The Invasion of Colonel K Baron Greenback uses the minimizing peaka ray to shrink himself and his cronies and use the equally shrunken Frogs Head Flyer to enter the body of Colonel K. at the secret, secret service H.Q. Taking control of the Colonel's voice box, the villainous Toad relieves Dangermouse and Penfold from their duties. However, Professor Heinrich Von Squwawkencluck figures out the Baron's plan and shrinks DM and Penfold so they can enter the Colonel's nose, traveling in a conveniently shrunken Spacehopper.

Danger Mouse Saves the World… Again S3, Ep2 Oct. 11, 1982 Danger Mouse Saves the World… Again Baron Greenback vows to blow up every single signpost in every country unless he is proclaimed emperor of the world. DM and Penfold set out for the Toad's secret island hideout somewhere in the pacific ocean.

The Odd Ball Runaround S3, Ep3 Oct. 18, 1982 The Odd Ball Runaround Dangermouse gets himself blown up more often than usual trying to protect a set of secret plans hidden in an American Football from Australia.

The Strange Case of the Ghost Bus S3, Ep4 Oct. 25, 1982 The Strange Case of the Ghost Bus Nine Top Secret cargo carrying ships have disappeared after encountering a ghost bus. DM finds the Ghost bus depot on a small island in the Indian Ocean where Baron Greenback is producing buses made of ice.

Trip to America S3, Ep5 Nov. 1, 1982 Trip to America After half the world's most famous monuments have vanished, Dangermouse and Penfold head for America, where they find the Tower of London in the old west. It soon becomes apparent that Baron Greenback has invented a machine to shrink, transport and de-shrink objects (and heroes like Dangermouse).

1983 The Wild, Wild Goose Chase S4, Ep1 Jan. 3, 1983 The Wild, Wild Goose Chase Having just missed catching Baron Greenback in Tokyo, Dangermouse gets hold of the villain's digital hideout locater (disguised as a book). Using this device, DM and Penfold take a tour of the Baron's various hideouts hidden all around the world.

The Return of Count Duckula S4, Ep2 Jan. 10, 1983 The Return of Count Duckula Greenback has persuaded Count Duckula to visit London. Desperate for a TV show of his own, Duckula infects the entire government with his own showbiz sickness so they will agree to his every demand. After capturing Danger Mouse and Penfold, the evil vampire duck subjects them to the absolute worst comedy variety show ever to grace a theater stage. Despite of this, Duckula somehow managed to get his own cartoon series before the decade was over.

Demons Aren't Dull S4, Ep3 Jan. 17, 1983 Demons Aren't Dull A Demon from the Fourth Dimension appears on Danger Mouse's doorstep to challenge the one-eyed white wonder to a duel. Before they can duke it out on the Demon's home turf however, the world's greatest secret agent is sidetracked or rather suckered into his own TV spectacular: 'This Was Your Life'.

150 Million Years Lost S4, Ep4 Apr. 11, 1983 150 Million Years Lost Proffesor Von Squakenkluck has invented a time machine and accidentally sends Penfold back 150 Million Years into the past in place of a dinosaur egg. Danger Mouse follows in the Mark 12, after changing places with a Diplodocus.

The Planet of the Cats S4, Ep5 Apr. 18, 1983 The Planet of the Cats DM and Penfold have just retrieved a stolen secret fuel sample from Field Marchall Rommole. On their way back, the Mark 5 gets hit by an electric storm, Penfold is struck dumb and the two of them are shot into a distant future where Britain cats are the dominant species. Worse still, a distant relative of Baron Greenback rules the cats under the name of 'Big Leo'.

Four Heads Are Better Than Two S4, Ep6 Apr. 25, 1983 Four Heads Are Better Than Two Colonel K has had his people create robot duplicates of Dangermouse and Penfold, so he can team the actual DM with robot Penfold and vice versa, in order to be able to stop more crime at the same time. The real Dangermouse and the fake Penfold are send to meet master of disguise Agent 57 at the Pinball Palace, where arch villain Baron Greenback is hatching a scheme to hypnotize the world by way of pinball machines.

Tower of Terror S4, Ep7 May 9, 1983 Tower of Terror While climbing the rock of Gibraltar, Dangermouse and Penfold spot Baron GB's Frog Head Flyer and follow it to New York. There, they enter the International Oddbods Inc, an agency which represents some of the world's greatest crack-pots.

The Great Bone Idol S4, Ep8 May 16, 1983 The Great Bone Idol Baron Greenback and Count Duckula have teamed up in a quest to find the Great Bone Idol, which has the power to control every dog in the world. Greenback plans to use it to take over the world and Duckula would get Australia. This is besides the fact that Duckula has to do all the work. DM and Penfold head for the Himalaya's to stop the villainous duck.

Public Enemy No. 1 S4, Ep9 May 23, 1983 Public Enemy No. 1 Just when he's infiltrated Baron Greenbacks secret hideout, Dangermouse loses his memory after a crash on the head. GB takes advantage of the situation by making DM believe he is the second greatest criminal mastermind in the world, the White Shadow. In this new guise, DM immediately goes off on a relentless crime spree, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

1984 The Long Lost Crown Affair S5, Ep1 Feb. 20, 1984 The Long Lost Crown Affair On his day of, Dangermouse decides to search for the long lost crown on Questzebottle (ancient King of the Aztecs and inventor of the practical joke) in the depths of the Amazonian Jungle. Baron Greenback decides to wait outside the temple and snatch the crown after DM has done all the difficult bits inside.

By George, It's a Dragon! S5, Ep2 Feb. 27, 1984 By George, It's a Dragon! A dragon has been terrorizing the countryside of Wales. Colonel K. sends Dangermouse and Penfold to investigate. Sure enough, they run into Jones the Dragon, who's small size belies his strength. Jones, for lack of a better 'damsel', kidnaps Penfold and takes him to his castle, a gift from his 'Frogfather', Baron Greenback.

Tiptoe Through the Penfolds S5, Ep3 Mar. 5, 1984 Tiptoe Through the Penfolds Greenback reveals his latest secret weapon in the Albert Hall: A Magnetic Molecular Molder. A machine capable of making hundreds of duplicates of anyone. The Baron plans to make a thousand copies of himself. Unfortunately, the machine gets stuck on producing Penfolds and soon the Albert Hall is filled to the brim with copies of the cowardly sidekick. Dangermouse manages to throw a wrench into the machine and solves the case in record time, mainly because the original Penfold is off to the Annual Conference of Cowards Anonymous.

Project Moon S5, Ep4 Mar. 12, 1984 Project Moon Colonel K. just barely manages to inform Dangermouse and Penfold that Greenback has established himself on the moon and is trying to jam all communication. So, our heroes pack their weightless boots and jump into the Spacehopper to head for the moon.

The Next Ice Age Begins at Midnight S5, Ep5 Mar. 19, 1984 The Next Ice Age Begins at Midnight Greenback uses his new weather machine to cover London in nine meters of snow, then unleashes hail and fog on Dangermouse and Penfold.

The Aliens Are Coming S5, Ep6 Mar. 26, 1984 The Aliens Are Coming When the United Nations inform Colonel K that aliens from another planet have announced their imminent arrival in Scotland, he sends his two top agents, Dangermouse and Penfold to meet them. Penfold describes the mechanical being they encounter as a 'clockwork mushroom'.

Remote-Controlled Chaos S5, Ep7 Apr. 2, 1984 Remote-Controlled Chaos Baron Greenback has invented an 'Auto McCrikey' that can overtake other mechanical devices by remote control. In order to use it on Dangermouse's Mark 3 flying car, he orders his henchman, Stiletto Mafiosa, to lure their arch enemy into a trap. The Italian crow does this by threatening no 10 Downing street with an inflatable tank.

The Man from Gadget S5, Ep8 Apr. 9, 1984 The Man from Gadget Agent 57 sends word to H.Q. that Greenback has build his latest hideaway on a pinnacle of rock in the middle of a volcanic crater in Northen Iceland. Furthermore, 57 has disguised himself as a flat battery, so the Baron can't start his Froghead flyer. When Dangermouse and Penfold arrive on the scene, they bump into Grigious M. Murphy, a gadget salesman who tries to interest them in a personal combat accessory kit.

Tampering with Time Tickles S5, Ep9 Apr. 16, 1984 Tampering with Time Tickles Colonel K and the houses of parliament have been hit by 'green plus bombs' and have aged 25 years (at least). As Danger Mouse and Penfold close in on Baron Greenback's hideout, they get hit by one green plus and one red minus bomb each, turning Penfold into an old age hamster and Dangermouse a schoolboy detective.

Nero Power S5, Ep10 Apr. 30, 1984 Nero Power Greenback has invited Dangermouse and Penfold to an old deserted funfair to meet under a flag of truce. Naturally they suspect a trap. Indeed, the villainous toad plans to fire his GB funfair finding, appointment keeping, mouse seeking, Thrissile Missile at the world's greatest detective and his not so very good assistant. However, he did not foresee his pet caterpillar Nero would get too close to the missile and gains super powers.

Once Upon a Timeslip… S6, Ep1 Dec. 24, 1984 Once Upon a Timeslip… When the laws of logic start to listen to narrator Isambard Sinclair, Danger Mouse and Penfold find them self transported back in time to the year 1215 A.D. Having a Robin Hood and Little little John persona projected upon them by way of more narration, our heroes set off to rescue Sir K from the clutches of Baron Greenback, sheriff of Nottingham

1985 Viva Danger Mouse S6, Ep2 Jan. 3, 1985 Viva Danger Mouse Someone has stuffed the most important seats in England with cactus. Danger Mouse surmises the pointy plants come from the giant saguaros. Therefore, he and Penfold head for Mexico where they soon home in on Baron Greenback. Unfortunatelly, the villainous toad has an angry bull on his side.

Play It Again, Wufgang S6, Ep3 Jan. 10, 1985 Play It Again, Wufgang Wufgang Bah, the world's worst composer, has used a ray to destroy all the music on the planet so people will have to listen to his. Dangermouse and Penfold are on the case, using a cassette deck with the last remaining tape of background music, without which they are powerless.

Hear, Hear S6, Ep4 Jan. 17, 1985 Hear, Hear Greenback, the worlds greatest evil genius, uses his latest invention to hypnotize Colonel K and get him to send Danger Mouse and Penfold on a wild goose chase to the South Pole.

Multiplication Fable S6, Ep5 Jan. 24, 1985 Multiplication Fable A spaceship has crash landed in Birmingham city center. DM and Penfold meet an alien who is looking for a small furry creature called a Ticklehipos, that just loves to climb up trouser legs and multiply.

The Spy Who Stayed in with a Cold S6, Ep6 Jan. 31, 1985 The Spy Who Stayed in with a Cold GB is selling motorbikes to the Mongol hordes, so DM leaves Penfold at home with the sniffles and heads off to Finland to join Agent 57, the master of disguise with the unstable molecules.

It's All White, White Wonder S6, Ep7 Feb. 7, 1985 It's All White, White Wonder A new experimental enzyme being tested at the Wonder White Sub company laboratory bonds with an aggressive molecule and escapes down the drain. It starts attacking people, pinching underwear and tries to turn everything white.

The Hickory Dickory Dock Dilemma S6, Ep8 Feb. 14, 1985 The Hickory Dickory Dock Dilemma While on a case involving the crown jewels, DM and Penfold step into a an old grandfather clock only to find out it's a time machine.

What a Three-Point Turn-Up for the Book S6, Ep9 Feb. 21, 1985 What a Three-Point Turn-Up for the Book Thanks to some new auto control security, the Mark 3 flying car, begins to rebel against it's driver, Danger Mouse, as well as his frequent passenger Penfold.

Quark! Quark! S6, Ep10 Feb. 28, 1985 Quark! Quark! A small alien named J.J. Quark, accompanied by his robot Grovell claims to take possession of Earth, which was given to his Great-great-great-great grandfather as part of a cosmic charter.

Alping Is Snow Easy Matter S6, Ep11 Mar. 7, 1985 Alping Is Snow Easy Matter GB, the Terrible Toad is using a giant reflector stashed somewhere in the alps to melt the ice caps of the Arctic. His plan is to flood the world and sell rubber dinghies and rubber ducks at inflated prices.

Aaagghg! Spiders! S6, Ep12 Mar. 14, 1985 Aaagghg! Spiders! London is completely wrapped up in spider webs. It seems Stiletto is using a spider enlarging ray from Greenback's flying fortress (a hovercraft) while his boss is away in France.

One of Our Stately Homes Is Missing S6, Ep13 Mar. 21, 1985 One of Our Stately Homes Is Missing The Duke of Bedbug's stately mansion has been stolen and is currently sailing up to sea. Hannibal Hogarty and his team of highly trained elephants are holding it to ransom, so DM and Penfold team up with B.L.E.E.P. (the Building Location and Emergency Expedition Platoon), led by Dangermouse's old pal Mad Major Melvin.

Afternoon Off with the Fangboner! S6, Ep14 Mar. 28, 1985 Afternoon Off with the Fangboner! J.J. Quark has returned to Earth and wants to discuss a peace treaty with Dangermouse in Africa. Once DM and Penfold arrive, Quark unleashes a hungry Fangboner on them.

Beware of Mexicans Delivering Milk S6, Ep15 Apr. 4, 1985 Beware of Mexicans Delivering Milk It's up to Penfold to stop the villain El Loco after the latter has drugged (or poisoned, rather) Danger Mouse's milk.

CATastrophe S6, Ep16 Apr. 11, 1985 CATastrophe Colonel K has been kidnapped by a mechanical cat called Paws. Danger Mouse and Penfold race to castle Nasty, where their chinchilla in charge is being held. However, they are unaware that the feline fiend has fed the secret details of Danger Mouse's brainwaves into his computerized brain (after stealing them from the Colonel's filing cabinet). Thus Paws is able to anticipate every move the mouse makes before he actually does them.

The Good, the Bad and the Motionless S6, Ep17 Apr. 18, 1985 The Good, the Bad and the Motionless Dangermouse and Penfold are send to investigate a weird disturbance at Stonehenge on All Hallow's Eve. Once there, DM is ambushed by his own suppressed evil side, who freezes time in order to take control over the heroic 98 per cent of him.

Statues S6, Ep18 Apr. 25, 1985 Statues The statues of London town have come alive thanks to Baron Greenback's long range animator ray.

The Clock Strikes Back S6, Ep19 May 2, 1985 The Clock Strikes Back The phantom time traveling grandfather clock has reappeared, this time in Windsor castle. When DM and Penfold investigate the scene, they encounter the disgruntled time traveler Master Snozzle, King Arthur's first and former wizard.

Ee-Tea! S6, Ep20 May 9, 1985 Ee-Tea! Great Britain is in complete chaos as every cup of tea has turned into low grade dishwater. Baron Greenback is collecting the remaining tea supply by tractor ray beam to his teapot shaped satellite, the TB1.

Bandits, Beans and Ballyhoo! S6, Ep21 May 23, 1985 Bandits, Beans and Ballyhoo! Returning from a trip to Mexico, DM & Penfold have inadvertently smuggled Mexican bandit El Loco, who's revolver is loaded with jumping beans, into the country.

Have You Fled from Any Good Books Lately? S6, Ep22 May 30, 1985 Have You Fled from Any Good Books Lately? Penfold receives an intergalactic delivery: a free gift from the Cosmos book of the light year club. It's the 'Cowards Pop-up book of Slobbering Monsters by I.L. Scaremstiff. Once he opens it, J.J. Quark unleashes a remote animation ray from space to bring the monsters to life.

Tut, Tut, It's Not Pharaoh S6, Ep23 Jun. 6, 1985 Tut, Tut, It's Not Pharaoh Colonel K has had word that Greenback knows the location of the long lost amulet of Egganofice, a medallion fashioned by an ancient Egyptian sorcerer in 5002 B.C. which possesses unlimited mysterious powers. In truth, Greenback plans to let Danger Mouse do the hard work for him and grab the amulet once DM finds it for him.

Lost, Found and Spellbound S6, Ep24 Jun. 13, 1985 Lost, Found and Spellbound Professor Squackencluck is lost on an island in the China sea and feels the need to be rescued. Dangermouse deduces that the island in question must be Combaktu and sets off on a daring mission, accompanied by Penfold of course. On arrival, a tricky Witch doctor manages to split our heroes up. While DM is matching wits with the doctor, Penfold finds himself in the clutches of an Uran Utang.

Penfold, B.F. S6, Ep25 Jun. 20, 1985 Penfold, B.F. Penfold swallows a new sort of energy pill invented by Professor Squackencluck and goes all superhero on his foes. However, it hinders Danger Mouse even more than usual in his search for a stray messenger pigeon.

Mechanised Mayhem S6, Ep26 Jun. 27, 1985 Mechanised Mayhem A mechanical revolution has begun as all house hold objects unite to rebel against their makers. Luckily DM's car is equipped with an anti-mutiny module, so he and Penfold can go after Baron Greenback. However, the terrible toad is busy hiding from his Frog Head Flyer. The real instigator behind this uprising turns out to be an enormous sentient computer calling itself Mega-Brain.

Journey to the Earth's 'Cor!' S6, Ep27 Dec. 26, 1985 Journey to the Earth's 'Cor!' Dangermouse and Penfold are ordered to find the cause of a dreadful noise terrorizing the world. It seems to be coming from the North Pole, where they find a giant hole housing a secret workshop that keeps the Earth rotating. One of the workers there, Stanley Atkington explains how his colleague Obidiah's attempting to take over now that they're boss 'The Gaffer's away on holiday.

1986 DM on the Orient Express S7, Ep1 Nov. 13, 1986 DM on the Orient Express While on holiday in Venice, DM and Penfold stumble upon a fiendish plot of Greenback's to raise buildings all over Europe and lure all tourists to his museum of Barry Mannilow album covers. Colonel K's office has arranged transport for them aboard the Orient Express, but Greenback has also charted the train for the Euro Master Crooks convention in Paris.

The Ultra Secret Secret S7, Ep2 Nov. 20, 1986 The Ultra Secret Secret Greenback seeks a truce with Dangermouse to save the Earth from being attacked by an alien army. They agree to meet on Greenback's space station, but Dangermouse and Penfold are unaware they are flying into a trap.

Duckula Meets Frankenstoat S7, Ep3 Nov. 27, 1986 Duckula Meets Frankenstoat Dr. Frankenstoat has constructed a fiendish device to make electric Vampoids infused with Count Duckula's personality. Danger Mouse infiltrates his castle intend on destroying the machine, but Penfold pushes the start button, releasing a flock of bats.

Where There's a Well There's a Way S7, Ep4 Dec. 4, 1986 Where There's a Well There's a Way DM and Penfold have to locate Merlin's fabled inkwell, for the finder will be granted a single spell. One wish at the toss of a coin will to to thee, so it must not go to Copperconk Cassidy.

All Fall Down S7, Ep5 Dec. 11, 1986 All Fall Down Top secret blueprints for a world shattering device have been stolen from Puttinghamdown Research station by Mac the Fork. He teams up with Dudley Poyson to build it as Dangermouse and Penfold race to Glasgow to stop them.

Turn of the Tide S7, Ep6 Dec. 18, 1986 Turn of the Tide London has been flooded. Indeed, all the sea and land on Earth have swapped places. It appears to be because the moon's gravitational pull has gone haywire, so DM and Penfold head up into outer space.

1987 Gremlin Alert S8, Ep1 Feb. 20, 1987 Gremlin Alert London has been shrouded in darkness for almost a week, so Danger Mouse and Penfold head off into outer space to investigate. There they encounter a anti-logic spaceship manned by The Gremlin, who plans to turn the entire Earth Topsy turvy.

Cor! What a Picture S8, Ep2 Feb. 27, 1987 Cor! What a Picture Stiletto steals a batch of recently developed passport pictures of Penfold. Il Barone proceeds to use his new puppet personality projector to take over Penfolds' mind, what little there is of it, and turn him into an assassin.

1991 I Spy with My Little Eye S9, Ep1 Jan. 3, 1991 I Spy with My Little Eye Greenback is smuggling sunlamps to the Eskimos to melt the polar icecaps flood the world. Unfortunately, Dangermouse and Penfold lose the Mark 3 and soon get lost on the North pole.

Bigfoot Falls S9, Ep2 Jan. 10, 1991 Bigfoot Falls Danger Mouse and Penfold are dispatched to Canada where a giant beast with big feet has been stomping around.

1992 The Statue of Liberty Caper S9, Ep3 Jan. 9, 1992 The Statue of Liberty Caper The Statue of Liberty has been stolen, and it's up to Danger Mouse and Penfold to find it.

Penfold Transformed S9, Ep4 Jan. 16, 1992 Penfold Transformed Crumbhorn has replaced Penfold with a mechanical transformer. Not wanting to be outdone by a villainous rival, Greenback disguises Stiletto as Penfold and orders him to replace the replacement.

A Dune with a View S9, Ep5 Jan. 23, 1992 A Dune with a View Can Danger Mouse and Penfold survive in the Sahara Desert?

Don Coyote and Sancho Penfold S9, Ep6 Jan. 30, 1992 Don Coyote and Sancho Penfold Danger Mouse and Penfold are on holiday in Spain. The delusional Don Coyote kidnaps Penfold and forces him to act as his assistant, 'Sancho Penfold'.

Crumhorn Strikes Back! S10, Ep1 Feb. 6, 1992 Crumhorn Strikes Back! DM and Penfold are taking a holiday in New York provided by the nice folks at the FBI. Doctor Augustus P. Crumhorn III takes the opportunity to get his revenge on Danger Mouse by swallowing his transformation pills and posing as a terminally cute young girl who claims her father has been kidnapped.

Ants, Trees and… Whoops-a-Daisy S10, Ep2 Feb. 13, 1992 Ants, Trees and… Whoops-a-Daisy A mysterious tribe of Ant people are wreaking havoc in the Amazon jungle, so DM picks up Penfold at the airport (where he was waiting for his auntie) and heads for Tapatingo.

There's a Penfold in My Suit S10, Ep3 Feb. 20, 1992 There's a Penfold in My Suit Penfold is stuck in one of Danger Mouse's spare suits. The countries in central Europe have all changed places thanks to a massive earthquake. DM and PF head for Bratislowakia (after the latter finally unlocks the none sticking self locking zip fastener on the formers spare suit). Once there, they find that not only countries, but people too are swapping places, thanks to the swapping stone of Mellikan the magician.

Rhyme and Punishment S10, Ep4 Feb. 27, 1992 Rhyme and Punishment Penfold is typing the memoirs of Danger Mouse and himself. But when Colonel K tells them several important items have disappeared with a load 'Kazonk', so do DM and his assistant.

Pillow Fright! S10, Ep5 Mar. 5, 1992 Pillow Fright! A massive allergy attack caused by an army of remote controlled pillows is causing havoc across London. Not even Danger Mouse and Penfold are immune to this latest scheme masterminded by Baron Silas Greenback.

Heavy Duty S10, Ep6 Mar. 12, 1992 Heavy Duty London is suffering from land sharks swimming through the concrete pavement. So, DM presents Penfold with some shark bait aftershave.

The Intergalactic 147 S10, Ep7 Mar. 19, 1992 The Intergalactic 147 Be prepared for the shock of your life, as the lives of Danger Mouse, Penfold, London and the world are coming to a close!

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