Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons



The Mysterons S1, Ep1 Sep. 29, 1967 The Mysterons A war is started between humans and an alien race called The Mysterons.

Winged Assassin S1, Ep2 Oct. 6, 1967 Winged Assassin The Mysterons seek revenge for the destruction of their Martian base. Their target? No less than the Director General of the Asian Republics. Can Spectrum foil the Mysterons, or will Earth suffer the loss of a great leader

Big Ben Strikes Again S1, Ep3 Oct. 13, 1967 Big Ben Strikes Again The Mysterons threaten to blow up London with a bomb they have stolen. Spectrum race against time to stop this latest and greatest threat to mankind

Manhunt S1, Ep4 Oct. 20, 1967 Manhunt

Avalanche S1, Ep5 Oct. 27, 1967 Avalanche

White as Snow S1, Ep6 Nov. 3, 1967 White as Snow

The Trap S1, Ep7 Nov. 10, 1967 The Trap

Operation Time S1, Ep8 Nov. 17, 1967 Operation Time

Spectrum Strikes Back S1, Ep9 Nov. 24, 1967 Spectrum Strikes Back Spectrum Intelligence reveal two pieces of equipment for use against the Mysterons. Unfortunately the Mysterons have different ideas, and everyone in the conference, except Captain Scarlet (who left the conference to stop a Mysteronised Captain Indigo), find themselves in grave danger…

Special Assignment S1, Ep10 Dec. 1, 1967 Special Assignment

The Heart of New York S1, Ep11 Dec. 8, 1967 The Heart of New York

Lunarville 7 S1, Ep12 Dec. 15, 1967 Lunarville 7

Point 783 S1, Ep13 Dec. 22, 1967 Point 783

Model Spy S1, Ep14 Dec. 29, 1967 Model Spy


Seek and Destroy S1, Ep15 Jan. 5, 1968 Seek and Destroy

Renegade Rocket S1, Ep16 Jan. 19, 1968 Renegade Rocket

Crater 101 S1, Ep17 Jan. 26, 1968 Crater 101

Shadow of Fear S1, Ep18 Feb. 2, 1968 Shadow of Fear

Dangerous Rendezvous S1, Ep19 Feb. 9, 1968 Dangerous Rendezvous

Fire at Rig 15 S1, Ep20 Feb. 16, 1968 Fire at Rig 15

Treble Cross S1, Ep21 Feb. 23, 1968 Treble Cross

Flight 104 S1, Ep22 Mar. 1, 1968 Flight 104

Place of Angels S1, Ep23 Mar. 8, 1968 Place of Angels

Noose of Ice S1, Ep24 Mar. 12, 1968 Noose of Ice

Expo 2068 S1, Ep25 Mar. 26, 1968 Expo 2068

The Launching S1, Ep26 Apr. 2, 1968 The Launching

Codename Europa S1, Ep27 Apr. 9, 1968 Codename Europa

Inferno S1, Ep28 Apr. 16, 1968 Inferno Captain Scarlet and the rest of Spectrum are in a desperate race against time to defeat the Mysteron's latest threat. The total destruction of the massive desalination plant at Najama, high in the Andes Mountains.

Traitor S1, Ep29 Apr. 23, 1968 Traitor The ultimate mind game is unleashed, Spectrum, turned against itself. Captains Scarlet and Blue travel to outback Australia in a desperate attempt to unravel the Mysteron plans before it is too late.

Flight to Atlantica S1, Ep30 Apr. 30, 1968 Flight to Atlantica

Attack on Cloudbase S1, Ep31 May 7, 1968 Attack on Cloudbase

The Inquisition S1, Ep32 May 14, 1968 The Inquisition Captain Blue disappears from a restaurant. He awakes to find it is 3 months later and Spectrum Security want to know where he has been, and if he is even the real Captain Blue.

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