Abbess, Shane


Shane Abbess made his first film at the age of 14 on his parents Betamax camera and after completing High School, was immediately accepted as one of the youngest students ever at the North Sydney TAFE film course.

After a brief stint in Television, he returned to filmmaking where he would spend close to a decade working odd jobs and selling personal belongings to fund his short film projects.

During this time that Shane formed Redline Films with several of his peers and would go on to win many film festivals both home and abroad whilst gathering an extensive support network and fan base via the emerging internet and media outlets of the time.

Shane pushed hard and fast to evolve his skills and earned a reputation for his stylish visuals that complimented stories with heart and in early 2005, gathered his forces and put it all on the line to make the feature film 'Gabriel'. Release in cinemas in 2007 Gabriel has recently been purchased for international distribution by Screen Gems .

Shane is currently working as director on the new Universal Pictures sci-fi feature Source Code, which is due to be released late in 2009.

Has worked with the same Sound Designer and Composer for almost a decade.
Whilst making Gabriel, would often run out of money and had to work daytime in a call center then go and sit in with the editor at nights.
Attended Lucas Heights Community School in New South Wales, Australia.
His favorite or Top 5 films are Fight Club, Saving Private Ryan, Field of Dreams, The Notebook and Aliens.


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